Message By MD

11/2/2016 7:52:00 AM

India Eye IHRO deals with 5 verticals -Girl Child, Environment, Senior Citizens, Blinds & Tribes

India Eye IHRO wishes to invest in five verticals - Girl Child, Environment, Senior Citizens, Blinds and Tribal welfare. Our investments would be care, compassion and to provide proactive attention to the spectrum of their needs.

The Girl Child

We would agree that had logic triumphed, female infanticide and foeticide would have been eradicated. It remains an Elysian mystery and yes a celestial adjudication that only women give birth. Realising the verse from Vedas meaning “divine society deifies women”, this Vedic verse shared by renowned Indian mystics, is a replicable global lesson of wisdom. But currency and thus practice, unfortunately, lost even in place of their origin.

We realise that protection of women rights along with eradication of dowry could be foundations of a society which does not discriminate a child by gender.

We wish to invest in harbingers of social reforms. India Eye IHRO would conduct, and fund, awareness and educative programs to stymie this malice. We wish to spread the word of compassion if not propriety to the larger sections of Indians.

We invite inspired individuals to join us in our march forward in this direction.

With India said to be poised to leadership among the comity of nations, skewed gender ratio could become an ineffaceable smear on us.


Rather than wondering and reasoning behind causes of Environmental degradation, India Eye IHRO envisions affirmative action to mitigate further destruction. Pursuant to our pledge in June 2016, to plant 125 crore trees we have started planting saplings across India.

Our program includes sensitising children at primary levels about the need to reduce, reuse and recycle. Late Lee Kuan Yew’s experiment in Singapore is educative and informative. It is our understanding from that man that a clean city goes a long way in environment protection. Finding solutions to real problems like stubble burning by farmers could be a key to a healthy populace.

Sustainable solutions to practical contentions would be our endeavour. We are creating awareness for causes, its impact on human body and ways to combat air, water, soil, noise, energy, waste, population explosion and on a philosophical note even thought pollution.

Senior Citizens

We all pride in legacy, ownership of which lay in frail hands. In people who gave their today for a bright future they just may not be young enough to enjoy. It also lay in parents of stupendous women and men who gave their last drop of water to the young ones. A sacrifice of unsurpassed intensity can always be expected from a parent.

India Eye believes that the onus of caring for the aged lay not just in the hands of their progeny but the whole society. Care to the elder not as benefaction but rightful entitlement.

Service to the Blinds

20% of worlds’ blind live in India. India Eye is astounded to find that 60% of the 10 million Indians suffering this malaise were not born such. They encountered it due to lack of basic health services, which could have treated their glaucoma and other vision impairing diseases.

When eyes remain ‘alive’ for 6 hours after patients’ death, India Eye feels responsible in encouraging cadaver eye donations.

Helping just 60 lakhs Indians to gain full vision thru eye donations would be an achievable target. We wish to deploy much of our resources in crossing this milestone. India Eye demands vision for all such individuals so that they could not just feel but also see on their own.

Tribal Welfare

India Eye wishes to turn the word 'Tribal' from a desultory reference to a powerful emulative living style. The foot print of a tribal family may just be their kids unlike a city or civilised home full of gadgets. The simple existence of untouched tribes and at times their disdain for modern living can be an intelligent choice.

India Eye shall persevere to endure their purity rather than dissolve their identity. We wish to extend support in restoring their rights and their diversity and dissuade their forced amalgamation into mainstreams.

All along we shall also strive to bring their heritage wisdom to the civil society with a view to enrich city lives.

In my view, no way can isolate effort of a single organisation to accomplish its vision. Enormity of task we have undertaken demands all-inclusive participation. I welcome all to roll out this movement and bring smiles to every life on this planet.”