Vision & Mission

10/20/2016 11:38:00 AM

India Eye International Human Rights Observer is an NGO that has been conceived with the singular objective of serving humanity. The true recognition of mankind lies in giving greater significance to serving others and finding ways of implanting such ideals in constructive ways. It is apparent upon reflection that the process of social development and mutual cooperation involving co-thinking, co-struggle and co-living have been gradually deteriorating over the years and taking extreme forms of selfishness and resulting in the decay of the social fabric of co- existence.

During   globalisation, in spite of whatever is happening in the world, whatever activity, turmoil has been going on; the conscious man is worried about the fight of mankind. He wonders if the man of the 21st century is heading towards primitive barbarism with a new maxim. To combat these new challenges to mankind, our organisation is working on various issues relating to environment and pollution, tribal development, girl child protection, senior citizens and for blinds. We have a dedicated work force of hundreds of volunteers engaged in executing the above mentioned activities.

India Eye International Human Rights Observer is working under its five programs i.e. “THINK Environment”, “THINK Girl Child”, “THINK Tribes”, “THINK Senior Citizen” & “THINK For blind” respectively.